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Welcome to Morgan Home Inspections, LLC


Morgan Home Inspections delivers our clients the highest quality inspection and testing services Vermont has to offer. From Addison to Windham County, and everywhere in between.

With industry experience as a Home Inspector, Electrical, Water Damage and Mold Remediation; We have had the opportunity to see the industry from both sides. Working directly with the retrofit, construction, demolition, and remediation of many homes. 

Utilizing a strong understanding of building science and the “whole-house” approach, we will be able to provide our clients with advice on how to help prevent moisture intrusion and other presumable defects once the house becomes your home. If an event has already occurred, we will tell you what went wrong, why it happened, and what to do next. We have worked closely with service professionals including: Master Electricians, CMI's, HVAC technicians, Master Plumbers & more to ensure our reports are clear and concise when there is work to be done. 

Fully certified for all of your testing needs. Our additional testing services include Mold, Radon levels, and Water Quality can be tested to ensure a safe living condition for you and your family. Whether for a real estate transaction, or if its for your own peace of mind; Morgan Home Inspections has got you covered.

Inspection Services
We offer our customers an unbiased, comprehensive, visual examination of the property. Delivering detailed information of all major components and systems of the building, while using industry leading technology and the necessary tools to assure the highest quality inspection.
Radon Testing
We conduct all of our Radon tests by using a continuous monitor from AccuStar Labs, which is widely regarded as the most reliable way to deliver accurate test results for our customers.
Mold Testing
Mold can not only be a harmful inhalant, but can negatively effect the homes integrity. I will professionally inspect and reliably test for molds presence, along with valuable maintenance tips to prevent future growth.